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Mobile Bidding

This year, we will be using mobile bidding.


You can now enjoy all the activities and not need to "babysit" your bids on silent auctions.


Notifications will be sent to your mobile device when you're the highest bidder or when you've been outbid!

Simply respond to the text to place your bid.



Q: How do I place a bid via text?
         There are two ways to place a bid through text:
         1.) Text ‘bfk2020’ to 843.606.5995 to join your event. Send a text with the item silent 
auction           item’s unique number to the bidr number. You will get a reply text immediately confirming               the items and requesting how much you would like to bid. Reply with the amount rounded           to the dollar. ($100)
         2.) When you have been outbid, you will receive a notification stating so. When this                         happens, respond with the item id in the text that you were outbid on. A second                               notification confirming the item and requesting a bid amount will respond. Sending the                   amount you wish to bid will bid on the item hopefully making you the highest bidder.

Q: How do I place a bid via the mobile website?
         On the mobile site, view items and find the item you wish to bid on. Swipe where it says to             bid. Enter the amount you want to bid.

Q: How do I know if I currently have the highest bid on an item?
         After each bid, you will receive a text notification stating if you are the highest bidder and              what the highest bid is.

        Example: “Congratulations! You are the highest bidder for the Motorcycle!”

Q: How do I know if I have been outbid?
         When someone outbids you, you will receive a text notification stating that you’ve been                  outbid and on what item. This notification will as you if you want to increase your bid and                will have the item code that you will reply with to begin bidding on that item.

         Example: “You were outbid on the Motorcycle! To increase your bid reply with item number           0111 or use Bidr Mobile (link to website).”

Q: How do I know if I won an item?
         Once bidding closes for the night, each item you won will be sent in a separate text                        notification stating the item you won and what the winning bid was. This can be shown to               the checkout volunteers.

Q: I am having trouble figuring out how this works. Is there someone I can talk to?
         “Mobile experts” are walking around the silent auction tables. They will be able to help you          
  understand the process and help you to get started.

Q: Will I use my phone for the live auction?
          No. Mobile bidding is for silent auction. Paddles will be used for live auctions.

Q: My phone is sending me messages such as “The item ID you sent was incomplete, not recognized, or the item is closed for bidding.” What do I do?
         Please check the item number you’re bidding on. This notification signifies the item you’re              bidding on is not in the system. Each item start with “0” and is located on a sign by the                   auction item. For help finding the number, feel free to speak to a mobile expert.

Q: The mobile website is asking me to create an account. What do I do?
         Text ‘bfk2020’ to 843.606.5995 to join your event
         Then you can visit, or click the link on your text                                         message.

Q: My phone died, what do I do?
         The Bids for Kids committee has chargers for android and iPhones at the tech support                      booth located near the silent auction.

Q: Do I have to enter my credit card information?
         To bid on items, you do need to enter your credit card information. However, if you want to            pay with check or cash, you are more than welcome to do so upon check out.

Q: I think I entered the wrong bid. What do I do?
         After every bid, you will receive a text notification informing you the amount you bid and                the item. If this information is incorrect, you can text “delete bid” within 3 minutes to cancel          the bid. 

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