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Event FAQ

FAQ section on Bidr website


How do I order tickets?

Visit our Bidr site here: Click “Buy Tickets” at the top, and select which ticket you would like. Fill in the information, and click on the cart at the bottom to check out.


How do I buy a table?

At the same Bidr page above, select a table for 4 or 8. Once you receive email confirmation of your ticket purchase, you will see a link to send tickets for the other seats to your friends or family. Note: it is not possible to split payment for a table with others on Bidr, so one person will need to pay and then request reimbursement from other party members if desired. Whomever bought the table will be the only one to match the table purchase donation as well.


What can I expect in terms of communication before and during the event?

About a week before the event, we’ll reach out and make sure you’ve specified your preferred meal and any food allergies. Then, the day of the event, we’ll text out a link to your ticket so you have it handy. After the event, you’ll receive a text message with a link to pay for your items so you can go pick them up.


What do I need to do before the event?

Just make sure you have your phone, tablet, or laptop charged up and ready to go, because the bidding will take place from your device. And, depending on how you’d like to pay, bring either cash or a credit card. Also, if you are sitting at a table that someone else bought, make sure you edit the ticket they send to you and fill in your meal preference and any allergies.

I’m a remote bidder, how do I join?

Remote bidders can simply go to the Bidr link ( at 6:00 PM EST on February 17 when the event starts, create an account, and start bidding on items. Remote bidders are not required to purchase a ticket. When we close bidding by 10:00 PM EST, you will receive a link to pay for your items with a credit card. After that, we will reach out and coordinate with you to pick up your items.

Where can I reach out with questions?

You can consult the Bidr FAQ guide at the link near the top, or reach out to our operations team. You can find Mitchell Nielsen at, or Lauren Thompson at

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